See this picture? I didn’t even pick it, the website did. It’s so pretty that I don’t even want to get rid of it.

Alright friends, my name is Devin. And I have a lot of thoughts. A lot. 

So many thoughts, in fact, that I’ve decided to make a blog to harness all of them. I’m hoping that one day, someone, somewhere will stumble upon this little wordpress website and relate to those thoughts. Maybe even LOVE them. Maybe even share them with others! Ultimately, I hope to make even one person feel less alone in their world.

I’ll be writing on topics that I can relate to personally and/or feel passionate about. Things I feel, things I see, anything of that sort. I’m sure I’ll always end up on some sort of rant about¬†existential bullcrap. That’s my favorite.

Anywho, expect to see lots of posts on the LGBT community, ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc. I encourage positive discussion!

See you around, friends!